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Once when you have your own website then it necessary your website in front of as many people as possible in search engine like as Google, yahoo and also Bing. Website Promotion is compulsory for increasing your business, many people start promoting their own website at their own by article submission, free directory listing or paid directory listing in search engines. And after they spend lot of time and money, website do not appear in search engine rankings. According the available statistics, 85% of users come to your website through search engines, hence gaining top ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is very crucial to get unending traffic to your website.


We are trying to set our SEO services a part from any other SEO companies. A part from not making fake promises, we are trying to be distinct by following a compact work process, which are comprises the following steps:

1. Project Confirmation: The Search Engine Optimization process begins with you sending us a project enquiry. Followed by this we analyses your site and send you a quote. If you are satisfied with that then send us a confirmation email regarding the project, and then we go to the next step.

2. Business model and objective understanding: Once you will confirm the project we analyses your business requirements and contact with you to understand your main objectives behind hiring us. This can be done via telephonic conversation, email, audio chat or through a video chat on Skype.

3. Planning: Once if we get a clear picture of what you want for us, then we start with our action, i.e. which place to reach and how. Then we allot the task to our one or more members from our team members. We make sure that the person or the group of persons is briefed about the requirements of your project before they begin with the work of your project.

4. On-page and Off-page SEO: Our SEO experts execute the effective on page SEO and also off page SEO. They are seen to it that you have quality on-page optimization, target search phrases, images and high quality backlinks.

5. Other marketing strategies: From the requirements of the SEO, which you are giving to us, we suggest you whether you need SMO, PPC or some other marketing campaign, like reputation management. Like as, if you want to the brand recognition, SMO is the best way to go; if you seek instant sales, then Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can do wonders for you.

6. Weekly and monthly reporting: SMSS offer you reports on search rankings, back links, Google Analytics, Webmaster etc., on a weekly and monthly basis. This you get directly from the group of experts working for you throws by email.

SM Software Solution tries its own best to boost your website ranking on the top position as it possible. We are sincerely hoped that you will consider the facts that we have presented here when choosing an SEO Company in India. It is up to you what type of SEO Company you would like to work with: one that makes fake promises or the other that is honest in its approach and has a proven track record to support its statements.

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